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We care deeply about the success of your business on Our mission is to assist our clients in realizing their vision through managing their Amazon sales channels. We start with strategic guidance, search keyword research, product listing and copy-writing, marketing services, and reporting.

EHP Amazon Strategy for clients


Sustainable Sales Growth


Within three months of EHP Consulting Groups' engagement, clients' monthly sales on business's increased on average: 

EHP Increases clients sales by 96.25% on average within the first month

last updated 11/05/2018



Why EHP Consulting Group

EHP | We have 24/7 Support

Our clients receive well rounded, comprehensive support on all things Amazon. We're in constant communication with our clients via email, phone, and web-conferencing. EHP Consulting Group integrates our services flawlessly into our clients' businesses by working hand in hand with their internal employees. 

EHP | - With dedicated speed we will optimize and help you generate sales on Amazon

Whether you're entering the E-Commerce marketplace or an online seller, EHP Consulting Group gets your business up to speed fast. Clients are fully on-board and selling within the first month of engagement.

EHP | We are experts on Amazon

We work in all E-Commerce business ventures and sales models. Focusing in on service and product businesses. We understand the pros and cons of these business models thoroughly. We help our clients accelerate in their current business model, pivot into a new one, or operate hybrid models. 


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