About EHP Consulting Group

EHP Consulting Group provides business services for brands, manufacturers, and service companies selling on the online marketplace. Our clients range from categories including Apparel, Health and Beauty, Grocery, Sports, Outdoors, Pets, Home Improvement, and Electronics. We specialize in helping companies who want to have a clear strategy and understand the fastest online growing marketplaces.


Meet the Team

Josh Hackett

Co-Founder - Operations

Amazon Expert, Multi-channel E-commerce, Inventory Management, Shopify Expert, and Social Media Management.

Josh Hackett | Founder | EHP Consulting Group


Josh Hackett is a managing partner at EHP Consulting Group where he helps brands, retailers, and service business's sell more effectively on Amazon.com. Josh loved Amazon.com from an early age - which helped him initiate EHP Consulting group.

Josh graduated from the University of Tampa - Sykes School of Business with a degree in Cybersecurity. Prior to the inception of EHP Consulting Group, Josh worked with start-ups who reached over $100,000 within the first year on Amazon. Josh was hands-on in every aspect of Amazon.com from sales to marketing and logistics.

Josh's area of focus is to help clients grow on Amazon.com.

Kai Edwards

Co-Founder -Marketing

Amazon FBA, Sourcing, Sales and Strategy, Marketing and Design, and Analytics .

Kai Edwards | EHP Consulting Group | Amazon Expert

Kai has always been driven by the simple fact that nothing in life is guaranteed. Seeing her mothers' struggles, and living through hard times motivated her to go out and start doing what she knew she was good at, SELLING!

In the fourth grade, Kai made her mom go out and buy some yarn. She took her hobby of making bracelets, and turned it into profit.She sold to her teachers, classmates, and neighbors. That initial $15 investment turned into $500 in less than two weeks. Since then, she has continuously found ways to turn her passion into profit. Whether it's selling bracelets, a vision, or an idea, she is here to help you conquer it all!

Our Office

EHP Downtown Office | Tampa Florida